Walton Agriculture
Eclipse Bale Stacker

Eclipse Bale Stackers

High performance complete bale handling system, from Walton Agriculture and built by CHK PLC.

The Eclipse bale stacking system has a considerable list of unique features including the ability to tie alternate layers of any size large square bale.

As may be expected, the machine picks up individual bales, on the move and in line with the baler but can also pick up previously made towers 2.4m x 2.4m x 4.8-6.0m high. The Eclipse system can erect individual stacks in the field and keeps pace with at least two balers.

When baling stops the Eclipse keeps going, moving stacks back to the yard, extending the machine’s potential and easing management and peak workload. The Eclipse system can mimic simpler systems, gathering bales without tying, to stack at a large continuous stack.

Eclipse Bale Stacker
Eclipse Bale Stacker

Speed and Efficiency

The unique ability of the Walton Eclipse system enables layers of bales to be cross tied, and individual stacks made secure against collapse. This feature enables individual stacks to be erected in the field for collection later, making the Walton Eclipse system the fastest and most efficient system for clearing fields for cultivation.


The wide variety of bale sizes produced by modern balers is no problem to the Walton Eclipse system. Any size of big square bale is dealt with easily through the simple and quick adjustment of the Walton Eclipse pickup height and tine arrangement.

Its unique extendable platform can produce a wide variety of stack heights and the result is a very short machine with very large stack capacity. Thanks to the unique retractable forks, when baling stops the Walton Eclipse Stacker can keep going. It will ferry stacks back to the headlands or stack yards, resulting in the most efficient use of both machinery and labour during critical periods.


The Walton Eclipse system places bales vertically on the platform. This unique feature reduces the transport width and copes with bales of varying lengths without problems. Because the bales are perfectly aligned on three sides, the stack produced is uniquely high quality, safe, secure and weatherproof.

Ground compaction is greatly reduced as fewer operational paths are required and large diameter wide flotation tyres spread the load extremely well.

Simple Operation

Eclipse Bale Stacker Electronic Control Box

With a complete electro-hydraulic control system, operating the Walton Eclipse is simple and efficient.

The actions of picking up and stacking bales (including tying) are automated and reduced to simple push-button operation and switch selection; the result being both consistency and high output.

All functions are operable on manual override.

Key Features in brief...

  1. Easy to use one man bale handling system.
  2. Work rates of 50-100 bales per hour.
  3. Layers are crossed to secure the stack against collapse.
  4. Can readily pick up and move completed stacks.
  5. Quickly adjusts to any size of big square bale.
  6. Low soil compaction.
  7. High build quality.
  8. Long service life policy with low depreciation.

One Man Operation

The Walton Eclipse bale stacker is a one man system and represents the highest level of operating efficiency. It has proven out-perform loader and trailer systems to a surprising level, particularly if the final storage method can utilise high quality stacks.

With increased use of minimum tillage methods, the reduced compaction from the Eclipse system has become the new benchmark.

Walton Eclipse : one Man Operation


  5163 5668 6072
Length (m) 9.6 10.1 10.5
Width (m) 2.85
Height (m) 3.8 - 4.4
Unladen Weight (kg) 7400 7400 7900
Payload 8 Tonnes
Wheels 550/60 - 22.5
Brakes 4 Wheel Hydraulic
Oil Supply 40 L/min, Min 300psi (200bar)
Standard Mudguards, Radial Tyres, Hydraulic Pickup Adjuster
Options Air/ABS Brakes
Speed 40km/h


Bale Capacity

Bale size (cm)
(height x width x length)
5163 5668 6072
70 x 120 x 240 16 16-18 18-20
80 x 80 x 240 18-21 21-24 24
90 x 80 x 240 18 18-21 18-21
85 x 120 x 240 12-14 14 16
90 x 120 x 240 12 14 14
130 x 120 x 240 8-10 10 12
120 x 130 x 240 10 10 12